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You're Engaged!  
Let's start planning!  

Thank you for inquiring about our catering services for your wedding reception! 

We will be very happy to help you plan and arrange this important event.

Every reception is different and becomes a portrait of the bride and groom. It is our job to help you create that portrait to suit your taste, style and budget!

We are an off-premise caterer, meaning we can cater at your location…whether it is at your home, a local park, historical facility, church or fire hall, etc...

Box of Macaroon

 Every event is different and there are many factors that go into determining the costs for your event; from the location, to using china, limited china, disposable ware, guest count, etc…Beverage packages, service staffing and rental items are all variable factors. For example, if you use full china and have a sit-down dinner reception, your costs for rental items and labor will be higher than if you have a buffet setup with limited china.  We can discuss the pricing details, once you give us an idea of what you are thinking for your wedding celebration. 

 Under food selections, please browse our offerings and from them you may coordinate a menu designed to satisfy your individual preferences.  Your final bill from Aquilante’s Catering will be menu (food cost), service package (labor staff) and bar package (if needed).  They will be the expenses from us as the caterer. All rental items are billed directly to the client and you will pay direct rental cost.  We do not mark up rental items (china, tables, chairs, china, linens, etc..). We assist the client in placing the rental order for all rental needs as we have the expertise in what is needed to execute the event, however, the client is billed directly from the rental company.  We use the Party Center in Phoenixville, PA.  

It is our job to design a package that will suit your taste, style and budget.  Send us an email with your details (from the questions below)and food selections and we will put it all together for you! Thank you for considering Aquilante’s Catering!


1. Date of Event?

2. Budget for Event?

3. Approximate # of guests?

4. Exact name/address of event? 

5. Location type - private residence?  Public place?

6. Bar service options: 

   full bar (client providing beer, wine, liquor) or limited bar ((client providing beer and wine)?

7. Time frame of event? 

8. Interested in hors d’oeuvres then dinner buffet?

9. Interested in using 100% disposable ware? OR Limited china (dinner plate/utensils/linen napkins - disposable ware for hors d’oeuvres and desserts) OR full china (china dishes/utensils for everything)?

10. Browse through all of our food selections, email us your choices and we will put all of your choices into a detailed, discounted menu price per person package for you.  

11. How did you hear about us?


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