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since 1976​
"Hello Aquilante's"


     For almost 40 years, every phone call began with those two words.  Our father, Anthony A. Aquilante, had a passion for providing his customers with nothing but the best when it came to food and service.  Growing up in Berwyn, he worked for his father Congens Aquilante, who had created "Aquilante's Modern Meat Market."  It was a meat and retail grocery store that specialized in home-dressed meats, fancy produce and home deliveries.  It was here that Anthony found his love for serving the Main Line families.

      In 1976, he started his own catering business, Gourmet Buffets.  His freshly prepared foods and elegantly designed decor set him apart from other caterers.  He took the time to talk with each customer to create a customized menu to suit their taste, style and budget.  And with every event, his presentation and buffet satisfied both eyes and appetites!  In 1988, Anthony came up with another distinguishing feature of his business.  He designed and built a catering trolley that would offer his customers on-site catering services.  It was a walk-through food service vehicle that required no setup or clean-up.  It was an instant hit as most clients loved the convenience and charm his dining cars. After 25 years of offering full service aboard his trolleys, he created the Trolley trailer, a smaller version of it predecessors.

     In 2010, Gourmet Buffets became Aquilante Catering and though Anthony passed away suddenly in 2015, his business is still family owned and operated today, continuing his tradition of excellence in delivering the finest homemade foods, with the outstanding service customers have come to expect. We at Aquilante’s Original Catering have a passion in what we do,

and a commitment to be the best!

Note: for quick answers to the most common questions, please email us @ with the following information to receive an answer on availability and price quote:  Date of event, time of event, # of guests, address of location for event, type of event.  

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